Philanthropic Causes Funded by Dick DeVos and His Family

Dick DeVos is a famous businessman, politician and activist based in Michigan. He is largely recognized for his philanthropic causes which are channeled to different sectors including education, health, political activities as well as arts and culture. Recently, Dick DeVos’ family unveiled their lifetime donations which stand at about $139 million. His wife, Mrs. Betsy DeVos was named by U.S. President to serve as the country’s secretary of education. This was as a result of the critical role the couple has played in ensuring all children in the U.S. are offered equal opportunity to access the education they deserve. The largest percentage of this contribution has given priority to the education and other related projects.


In 2015, Mr. DeVos’ family donated approximately $11.6 million, according to information found on the couple’s foundation website. Dick DeVos is one of the members of the larger DeVos’ family that is recognized in the United States for its philanthropic activities. The family’s charitable contribution in 2015 was estimated to be $104 million. According to Forbes list of “America’s top Givers”, the family was position 24 in the entire country. Dick & Betsy have given priority to funding education projects and programs with the aim of improving the quality of education offered to American kids, especially those from low income generating families.


According to Dick DeVos, the current education system in the United States was not helping students fulfill their dreams. He cited instances where students from areas regarded as “wrong ZIP codes” failing to achieve their goals simply because they are not offered the quality of education required. He believes it has turned to a civil rights problem. Through their foundation, the couple has funded Great Lakes Education Foundation and the advocacy organization for charter school that was started by Dick and his wife. Dick’s family has been a longtime donor of Potter’s House and Grand Rapids Christian Schools in Michigan.


Dick DeVos’ Involved in Changing his Hometown


In 1991, Dick DeVos mobilized fellow businessmen from Grand Rapids to reject the proposed construction of a multi-purpose facility outside the city’s central business district. Through his initiatives, they were able to form Grand Action, a coalition of business executives who supported the establishment of several projects in the area including DeVos Convention Center, Grand Rapids City Market, Van Andel Arena, DeVos Performance Hall among others. These and other facilities are credited for transforming the skyline and economy of Grand Rapids.


The couple was also involved in funding Spectrum Health System, a children’s hospital named after Dick’s mum. Their donations target to impact directly the lives of people who are discriminated in one way or another because of their economic status in the society.


Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi Leads Bradesco Into New Era

There aren’t many executives that have influenced the Brazilian economic landscape as much as the President of Bradesco. The President passes through the credit operations and some of the largest financial projects in the country.

At the Bradesco headquarters in Cidade de Deus, the metropolitan region of Sao Paulo, the tough process of choosing the President is equal to a test of resistance. In the past, the more popular names weren’t chosen. Recently, the board of directors chose the executive vice president Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi, to lead the company forward.

Trabuco Cappi had been the chairman of Bradesco for over a decade. In most of the conversations with different financial market executives, Trabuco Cappi was always considered for the title of President. Trabuco Cappi has been a Bradesco employee for over 40 years. All of that experience means that Trabuco Cappi knows the bank better than anyone.

Trabuco Cappi being elected as President reflects the continuity and renewal values of Bradesco. Vale President Roger Agnelli believes that Trabuco Cappi was a good choice, as he knows the culture and is up to the challenge of leading a major financial organization like Bradesco. Trabuco Cappi must still get approval during the first council meeting, which will be held after the general meeting that has been scheduled. The previous President is getting older and is unable to exercise executive functions.

At the end of the last year, Bradesco lost its position to Itau Unibanco, which has its eyes on becoming the first Brazilian multinational in the financial sector. Bradesco’s loss was a warning sign to the board of directors. Bradesco is looking for options to grow their influence.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi takes over as President in the midst of an unstable economic environment. There are financial difficulties abroad in the sector. There has been negative news regarding the balance sheets. Growth is slowing down and profitability has been damaged. Bradesco’s branch network expansion is slowing down. However, Bradesco is expected to remain a tough competitor.

Trabuco Cappi is known by his peers to have a nice smile, lots of humor, and the ability to lead. Trabuco Cappi is married with children. While many bank executives studied economics, administration, accounting, and engineering, Trabuco Cappi studied philosophy at the University of Sao Paulo. Trabuco Cappi worked on his postgraduate studies in the field of socio-psychology at The School of Sociology and Politics of Sao Paulo.

Trabuco Cappi was a clerk at Marilla’s agency. Trabuco Cappi moved to Sao Paulo to work at the headquarters, eventually becoming the director of marketing. Trabuco Cappi served as Bradesco’s executive director and the president of Bradesco’s private pension company. Trabuco Cappi was also the president of the insurance company and lived on an air bridge.

Trabuco Cappi was the leader of Bradesco’s marketing campaign that modernized the bank’s publicity. His work as the group insurer helped him become president. Under his management, the insurer grew and consolidated the leadership in Brazil. Bradesco became the largest company in Latin America. Trabuco Cappi had a major influence on segmentation. Because of this, Bradesco has a service with different agencies to help serve high income clients.