Alex Hern: Conference Rooms And Immersive Software

It’s no secret that technology is moving at a lighting speed and we as consumers will have a lot of options in the coming years. Alex Hern is the co-founder of his business known to many as Tsunami XR. He has worked effortlessly in bringing augmented and virtual realities to various businesses in his entire 25 year career. He attended the conference in San Diego, CA where they addressed the future of where our conference rooms will be in the next five to 10 years if not earlier. Many businesses are looking to rid the old way of doing things when it comes to holding a meeting. Hern states that they must start to embrace new software that will bring together businesses in their meeting endeavors. This also goes for using immersive software in the workplace.

Hern knows and understands fully the great benefit to digitizing environments in the workplace. Companies have quickly stepped up to invest in this new amazing technology to the tune of $339 million in the year 2017. Everyone is seeking that technology driven software that will bring them closer to their customers and give them new experiences. We have all be a little exposed to it, especially when deciding to get a home or buy a product. It’s now possible to actually see the home and all of its dimensions before even stepping foot on the property.

Several businesses, as Hern states, are utilizing virtual augmented reality in various industries for training purposes. This can included such areas where heavy equipment is involved. Hern’s company has been behind creating effective digital spaces. They provide content and visual solutions with the large growing enterprise market. Their business has managed to capture the global market in basically every industry sector. Hern has also worked diligently with early start up ventures working to get further in the competitive market.

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