Behind The Scenes of OSI’s International Growth, David McDonald OSI Group

David McDonald, OSI Food Solutions’ current chief operating officer (COO), has steadily guided the growth of OSI’s national and international growth during his three-decade-long career there. During the past few decades, OSI Food Solutions made big corporate moves such as purchasing Baho Food, Flagship Europe, Tyson Foods’ facility in Chicago, and the current merge with Turi Foods. David McDonald has gone a long way from working on a farm to a COO of one of the most successful privately held businesses in the United States.

As mentioned above, David McDonald grew up on a farm in northeast Iowa and graduated from Iowa State University. There, he ended up receiving a bachelor’s degree in animal science. After college, he started his first job as an intern under Sheldon Lavin, the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of OSI Group. When David started his internship, the company was experiencing its beginning stages of exponential growth outside of the United States, such as the establishment of OSI Asia-Pacific division. McDonald adapted to the fast growth that the company was experiencing and he embraced this growth. Therefore, for 30 years McDonald has remained committed to helping and improving the operations of OSI on a global scale.

China’s entrance into the World Trade Organization was a great opportunity for OSI to continue its ventures in China. During that time in 2001, David McDonald was already established in leadership of OSI. McDonald was already familiar with the previous business foundation and Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprises (WFOEs) that OSI built in China. Therefore, David McDonald OSI Group was vital in the growth of OSI in China. David McDonald OSI Group continuously learned China’s bureaucratic system in order to establish partnerships with local businesses and construct OSI’s corporate structure there. However, David McDonald OSI Group did not stop there. For the past decade, they have also opened up new facilities in Poland, India, Japan, Germany, and the United States. With the success of OSI growth under David McDonald OSI Group, OSI was listed as #58 on Forbes’ “America’s Largest Private Companies 2017” list.

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