Can A CloudWick Data Lake Help With Regulatory Compliance?

As most companies know, it is vital to stay in full compliance with state and federal regulations. If this is not done, the result can be large fines and other penalties, which can have a tremendous impact on a company’s ability to perform at the highest levels. With cyber security becoming a bigger issue in today’s business world, more regulations are being created and implemented in an effort to keep data safe and secure. To ensure your company can not only stay in compliance with current regulations but also keep data safe, it is best to work with the experts at CloudWick.

To ensure there are no problems with today’s complex regulatory requirements, CloudWick closely analyzes a client’s existing data storage and security system, then creates a data lake to handle these and other related tasks. Using a combination of machine learning, algorithms, analytics, and artificial intelligence, CloudWick creates a data lake that is integrated within a company’s existing IT network. Once done, all types of data, including machine, virtual, cloud, and network, can then be captured and consolidated into a single platform. By doing so, the system can then be further customized with dashboards, which offer better visibility regarding various regulations and other quality control measures.

By implementing a CloudWick data lake into its system, a company can then have far more advanced troubleshooting measures in place, allowing for quicker and more efficient response to potential cyber attacks. Using a variety of platforms such as Zeppelin, Spark, or H2O AI, data can become much easier to store and secure through the data lake. In doing so, cluster management is thus eliminated, allowing IT professionals to use state-of-the-art analytic platforms to power their systems.

By using these and other methods designed to thwart the most advanced cyber attacks, CloudWick can help companies large and small get the solutions they need to protect company and customer data. Whether it involves creating advanced troubleshooting methods that lead to faster kill-chain responses, or implementing a data lake Open Data Model Plus application to decrease storage inefficiencies, CloudWick is always up to the challenge.

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