Bob Reina: Visionary and Philanthropist

In 2007 Bob Reina founded Talk fusion, a video marketing company, out of his desire to help others. A few chance encounters and a truckload of heart and desire spurred Bob Reina on to realize his dream of using his talents to build a successful business. Learn more:


To understand any person’s journey we must understand their past. The Same is true for Talk Fusion founder Bob Reina. Bob was serving his community as a police officer when the inspiration to enter the network marketing business found him. From there Bob began his journey that led him to founding Talk Fusion. He found complications, starts and stops, but he persevered and found success. Learn more:


Profit came almost immediately for Bob and Talk Fusion. Bob credits the fact that he had assembled the right people at the right time. They identified the problem; unreliable video communication for the purpose of marketing. And they solved it better than anyone else did. Happily, Talk Fusion’s marketing seemed to take care of itself. They created an innovative product that got people talking. The “power of video” as Bob puts it, is a very powerful marketing tool in itself.

Bob Reina is not just a business genius, he has a very strong social conscious as well. His idea that “with great success comes greater responsibility” is the cornerstone of his moral code. Bob Reina lives this mantra in his everyday day life. His massive $1 million donation to the humane society of Tampa Bay shows how strong he values generosity. Learn more:


Bob worked tirelessly to build his company and weathered the storm when things became difficult. He uses his success to help others and, hopefully, inspire them to never give up on their dreams. Talk Fusion was built on, and perpetuates, Bob Reina’s desire to help. The world needs more big-hearted visionaries like Bob Reina.

InnovaCare Health Able Leaders Rick Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides

InnovaCare Health Solutions Inc. provides physician practice and managed Medicare package services. The company combines sustainable and cost-effective models with state-of-art technologies to offer access to affordable and high-quality health care through Medicare, Medicaid, and similar networks that provide health care services. InnovaCare Health mission is to surmount hurdles to health care access and reformulate management of health care delivery to the entire population. The company provides cost-effective and quality health care services under the leadership of its strong leaders including its President and chief executive Dr. Richard A. Shinto and Ms. Penelope Kokkinides, the company’s chief administrative officer.

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InnovaCare Health core values are the delivery of quality medical care. Accordingly, the company focuses on hiring of qualified professionals to steer its growth and guarantee the sustainability of its business. Another core value at InnovaCare is team work under the leadership of the company’s charismatic leader Rick Shinto. Success at the firm further rests on the good interpersonal relationship between staff members, good communication, and clear goals. The company further emphasizes transparency as the key to its growth in the health industry.

InnovaCare Health success, however, rests on the charismatic leadership of its president Rick Shinto, an authority in the healthcare sector. As the company’s president, Rick Shinto brings on board wealth of technical and leadership experience from his lengthy career in clinical and operational healthcare practice. He is also a winner of the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the year award for his accomplishments at Aveta Inc. The award recognized Shinto’s commitment to the success of Aveta Inc. He also worked as vice president of Medical Management and later as chief medical officer at Orange Country’s Cal Optima Health Plan. Shinto’s further served as Medical Pathways Management Company’s chief operating and medical officer. Other companies that underscore his leadership skills include NAMM California before joining InnovaCare Health. Besides occupying various leadership positions across different health care companies, Shinto is also an authority scholar in clinical medicine. He also holds a master of business administration from the State University of New York beside his B.S. medical degree from the University of California. Read more about Rick Shinto on BusinessWire.Com

Another influential leader at InnovaCare Health is Penelope Kokkinides, the company’s chief administrative officer. Kokkinides also served as COO and vice president of clinical operations at Aveta Inc. Her experience spans over two decades in the health sector especially in the development of clinical programs. Kokkinides experience further includes administration of health operations and care especially in organizational facilities and efficiency.

Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping in Brazil Offers the Best Customer Experience for Shoppers

Modern customers are quite discerning and discriminative about their shopping preferences regarding how and where they make their purchases. They invariably expect the best in customer care no matter where they live in the world. Shopping is no longer just a question of exchanging cash for goods and services, but it involves an array of other ingredients such as convenience, efficiency, and provision of a broad range of other essential services all under the same roof. Everywhere in the world, there are ultra-modern shopping complexes that offer everything that a customer might desire in the same place. Visit for more info.

The shopping centers like Manaira Shopping in Brazil also provide many other auxiliary services such as banking halls, conference facilities, restaurants, entertainment centers, and schools. In South America, for instance, Roberto Santiago who is a renowned big screenwriter, and a television producer is credited with the construction of an international class shopping mall that boasts some of the standard amenities you would expect to find anywhere in the world. The man is a personality who is well known in the artistic and film circles as a skilled and highly talented creative composer of various genre of literature. He has enjoyed a long and fruitful career in the literary world, and he is a leading award holder of different categories. For both children and grownups, Roberto has written and produced numerous works which have all received international recognition.

The Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping provides accommodation for several businesses including the buffet Pirlimpimpim, a park for children’s entertainment, a gym, conference rooms, and a college. With this kind of arrangement, you can clearly see the Manaira mall is a self-contained establishment where shoppers have access to almost everything they need. One distinguishing mark of Roberto Santiago is that all his writings and television productions always win prestigious awards. He is a widely acclaimed film director, television producer, and author with a huge international following. On many occasions, Mr. Santiago has received the Edebé Prize for Children and Youth Literature, and the Editorial SM prize. To try mentioning every other prize he has won in the past, and to attempt to catalog all his excellent television productions here would be a misnomer. He has created volumes of artistic productions and written many novels and drama series.


Most of his dramatic writings have prominently featured in many television productions, for instance, Ruleta received high recognition as an independently directed horror of comedy in the official category of the Cannes Film Festival, and another work – La Casecha was honored as a distinguished production by the Oregon Horror Festival in the film category. In a joint venture with Unicef, Mr. Roberto is sponsoring various co-productions that are shown all over the world

Tony Petrello Leads Nabors Industries From Bust Out To Boom Times

When Tony Petrello took over the helm of Nabors Industries, the company had suffered for decades under mismanagement and poor leadership. By the time of Petrello’s ascension to the top slot of the company, it was in chapter 11 bankruptcy and its stock was trading at just pennies.

That was 1991. By 2011, when Petrello was appointed CEO, the top position at the company, the stock price has risen to $50 a share before being split. This represented an incredible transformation from a company on the brink of insolvency to one of the nation’s leading oil services firms.

During the ‘90s and 2000s, Petrello led the company through a series of strategic acquisitions that dramatically enhanced its position in the oil services industry. Anthony Petrello had a vision to create a company that would be on the cutting edge of technological development in new areas of drilling technology. This included gigantic investments in directional drilling technologies, which would later prove to be invaluable when the shale boom of the 2010s took off. Nabors Industries found itself uniquely positioned to reap the huge rewards gushing from North America’s highly productive newly-found shale deposits.


Today, Petrello continues to provide the visionary leadership for Nabors Industries to move confidently forward into the 21st century oil industry. Through continued development of cutting-edge technologies, strategic acquisitions and attracting the top talent across the globe in the oil services sector, Nabors Industries will continue shoring up its strategic advantage and reaping huge profits for the decades to come.

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