Clayton Hutson Is The Man Behind Kid Rock’s Amazing New Music Tours

Clayton Hutson is, officially, the new production manager for Kid Rock who is getting underway with his “Red Blooded Rock N’ Roll Redneck Extravaganza Tour.” Clayton has worked with Kid Rock in the past during “The American Rock N’ Roll Tour,” and he was credited for a lot of the success of that show. He drew on his past experience as a production manager and stage manager to come up with solutions and put in a lot of time to work out issues that came up during the tour. Thanks to him, the tour was an amazing success with millions of fans showing up to enjoy the music of Kid Rock.


Clayton Hutson is expecting this next Kid Rock tour to be even better than the first one. Their will be many amphitheaters and festivals where Kid Rock will appear, and the show has already sold all of its tickets to some of the events. Fans of Kid Rock can expect there to be plenty of pyrotechnics, amazing visuals, and, of course, all of the songs they love, and Clayton is excited to be a part of the show. During the tour, he will be supported by a team he trusts and loves to work with.


Clayton Hutson has also worked with Tim McGraw and Faith Hill during their “Soul2Soul Tour,” and has also worked with Pink and Guns n’ Roses. As a production manager, it will be his job to coordinate and organize the overall event. As usual, part of his job will be to come up with solutions to deal with problems that might come up during the tour. It will also be his job to take care of issues as they happen, and this is something that he has always been very good at.


Clayton Hutson has always been passionate about music and loves working in the music and entertainment industry. He lives in Nashville, Tennessee and has found the city a great place for musicians or people who work in the music industry. He started up Ronin Event Creative in order to help musicians and artists with their stage shows and has been steadily growing the company since its inception. With all of his different talents and expertise, he has had no problem finding clients who are excited to work with him. Even though he has been working in the industry for a long time, he still finds it exciting and works to make every show one of the greatest that fans will ever see.

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