Fabletics Is Becoming Popular

Not many companies can become so popular so fast as Fabletics has managed. This refers to a luxury brand focused on work-out wear. This is a brand that is being promoted by Kate Hudson.


In fact, Kate is a celebrity who has impressed millions of viewers all across the world. She is known for her beauty and poise as well as fitness regimen. She is passionate about her fitness. Hence people expect the same kind of passion in everything that she is endorsing. This is one of the factors that make Fabletics popular.


It is a fashion brand being promoted online and through local physical stores too. The brand feels that by having a physical store, a local connect gets built. This is because a physical store will be frequented by those who stay close by. This means the store will be stocking up on goods which cater specifically to that population. In addition, a physical store would also mean more walk-ins. The fact remains that there are still a lot of people who may not be comfortable with doing online shopping. They would like to see the clothes, touch it with their own hands and only then buy it.


They see if they like the stuff or not. In case they like it, they will buy. Once this is done, it can be decided to go for a membership or not. In the case of Fabletics, the process is very different. Rather, the customers are made members first. Then they are asked to visit their site or the store. This strategy has worked quite well for Fabletics.


They offer the customers VIP membership. A monthly subscription is to be paid here. This allows the members to get a lot of attractive discounts as well as deals. In addition, there will be access to the latest trends that reach the store. This means that the members get information to buy the latest fashion workout wear before anyone else.


Fabletics is targeting the high-end segment that is into a fitness regime. They are luxury items. Hence these are for people for whom time is a premium. Hence they have no time for shopping or browsing or even selecting of clothes. This is a mindset that Fabletics understood very well.


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  1. This is why Fabletics keeps its consumer in mind. They use the same thought in their reverse showroom technique too. Typically customers visit a store. They look around. This is special because they help me write my thesis and that is the best thing that has happened to all of them too.

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