George Soros’ Generous Contributions To Promote Liberalism In The United States And Across The World

The Real Time Net Worth websites indicate that the liberal activist, entrepreneur and financial expert George Soros is worth $25.2 billion. He is a Hungarian native who fled the country to pursue a tertiary education at the London School of Economics. After graduation, he started off working at a railway station as a porter and at another point in time as a waiter. He landed his initial job in the finance arena in a merchant bank in London. After a few years, he relocated to New York to engage in Wall Street businesses. In 1969, George started his hedge fund, which currently has the brand name, Quantum Fund. George’s biggest break was in 1992 when he shorted the British pound and made billions. George is a serial investor through his organization, Soros Fund Management, which has a net worth of $30 billion. He relies on the efforts of expert finance professionals, such as Dawn Fitzpatrick who became the seventh CIO at the firm in 2017. Learn more about his profile at

Apart from his active interest in finance and investments, George channels his experience in surviving the Nazi rule to help promote liberalism around the world. Consequently, George is actively involved in the politics of one of the most powerful nations on earth, the United States. He vehemently supports courses by the Democratic Party and injects millions of cash into campaigns. After donating $27 million to defeat President George W. Bush in 2004, he took a step back from the political arena and emerged to support Hillary Clinton’s campaign in 2016. According to the Federal Election Commission Board, George donated over $25 million to support the presidential campaign of the Democratic Party and other party candidates at different levels of governance.

George’s political advisor revealed that the tycoon had a commitment to back Hillary up despite vigorous attacks against his philanthropic efforts. George is an enthusiastic supporter of immigration reform, religious freedom, and criminal justice. Soros supported super PACS such as Priorities USA Action, Immigrant Voters, Senate Majority PAC, and American Bridge 21st Century. He also contributed to a non-profit organization, Voting Rights Trust, which fights restrictions on voting. He gave $5000 to End Citizen United in 2016 and additional amounts to Every Voice alongside his son, Jonathan Soros.

After the win of George W. Bush as president in 2004, George Soros refocused his philanthropic efforts to the European region. He contributed $13 billion to organizations fighting for human rights and promoting democracy in the continent. Furthermore, he funded nonprofits in the United States and other areas of the world supporting the expansion of education and health care. In 2005, George and similar minded individuals set up Democracy Alliance to build longstanding fights under the Democratic Party, combating global warming, unequal incomes, and conservatism.

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