HGGC Uses New Funding Round To Invest In FPX

FPX is a worldwide leader in Configure Price Quote solutions. There was an announcement late last year that their company was going to be getting an undisclosed amount of investment funding from their partners at HGGC. They are a private equity firm leading in the middle-market sector.

HGGC acquired FPX in April 2016. They decided to deliver a new round of funding in order for the company to be able to build on their expansion around the world. The capital funding was also to help FPX further enhance their strategic partnerships, their channel and accelerate their product development team.

Renowned Success

HGGC is known for the great success they have had investing in companies which compete in the markets for e-commerce platforms and other related applications. Some of the company’s other notable investments include MyWebGrocer, Hybris and Selligent. The value of their investment transactions has added up to more than $15 billion over the years. This new funding for FPX has come after a period of much success. They recently opened a headquarters in Germany and expanded their presence in London. Much of this success can be attributed to the new senior management.

New $555 Million Patent Purchase Completed By HGGC

In June, the company completed a patent purchase costing more than $555 million. This move finalized the company’s acquisition of RPX, a patent risk provider of management services. The company spent almost $2.5 billion to purchase more than 23,000 more patents since the company was founded back in 2008. RPX publicly announced their agreement to sell shares of their company to HGGC for around $10.50 in cash per share.

About HGGC

The company was founded in 2008 and is a leader in the middle-market private equity sector. They are worth more than $4.3 billion. The company is based out of Palo Alto, California and is distinguished by their “Advantaged Investing” model. This model enables the firm to be able to source and successfully acquire businesses that can be scaled. This is done by creating partnerships with founders, management teams and sponsors who are willing to reinvest alongside the company.


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