How Roberto Santiago Made the Manaira Shopping Mall Better for Everyone

Up until Roberto Santiago made the Manaira shopping mall, Brazil didn’t have many malls that were actually there for people who wanted a chance to shop the right way. In fact, there were no malls that were tourist destinations. Roberto Santiago knew that and he wanted to make sure he was actually helping people with the shopping experiences they could gain. He felt confident it would be a good idea to continue growing Manaira so people would have a chance to enjoy the mall. He has always had a dedication to shopping and to shopping malls and Manaira was a direct result of that. He wanted to show people they could have a better chance at shopping without worrying about some of the other issues that malls had. In fact, the ideas behind some of Manaira’s best features came because of problems people had with their own shopping malls.


Entertainment is a big part of shopping malls. It is not uncommon for these malls to have things like movie theaters and even arcades. People get tired of the same thing, though. Roberto Santiago wanted his mall to have theaters and arcades but he also wanted it to have something that truly set it apart. He made sure the mall had an expo center. The center would allow people to see concerts, seminars and other things they wouldn’t be able to enjoy at any other mall in Brazil. In fact, it is one of the only malls in the world with a live expo center on the roof.


Before people want to be entertained, they may want to eat. Roberto Santiago knew this and made sure everyone who came to Manaira would have the dining options they desired. The food he had in restaurants ranged from traditional Brazilian cuisine to chain restaurants. Everyone who came to Manaira would be able to find the perfect meal for themselves. Many of the restaurants that are in Manaira are close together so people don’t have to worry about going far to get the food they need to fill them up.


Of course, Roberto Santiago couldn’t skimp on the shopping aspect of the shopping mall. He knew shopping is what would draw people the mall. Because of this, he created exclusive contracts with designers. Doing this gave him a chance to help people realize they were going to actually be able to shop for things they couldn’t find in any other areas of Brazil. It gave him the ability to make sure there were many options and many things for people to do. In addition, it gave him the chance to try different things and give everyone what they were looking for when it came to shopping.


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