How To Deal With An Arrogant and Condescending Co-Worker At Neurocore

You are going to run into someone at Neurocore who is condescending and arrogant to boot. You might as well prepare yourself now. They think they are better than everyone else. They need to be the center of attention. You know the kind of person I am talking about. I have known my fair share, and I am sure most of you have too. Learn more about Neurocore at Crunchbase.

There are ways to handle someone like that positively without it affecting your job or your abilities.

1) The first thing you need to do is not let them get to you. The second you hand over your power to them is the second you lose. They want to get to you. They want to be on your mind, whether good or bad. Look inward. Figure out why this person gets to you and refocus your energy into something more positive. That arrogant co-worker at Neurocore is going to start to diminish once they see they have no effect on you.

2) Start by minimizing the time you spend with each other at Neurocore. Do you only see one another once or twice a week? Keep it that way. Keep things work focused when you do see them. In other words, they are looking for space to rent inside someone’s head at Neurocore. Find a way to void the contract.


I have worked with more than enough condescending co-workers to know that they lose interest when you take the power away. They will start looking for other people at Neurocore to bother.

These links will provide some helpful tips.


3) You can try to get on the person’s good side. That might be an exercise in futility. It depends on how bad the person is. You can also try standing up to the person. Neurocore does not have rules against standing your ground. Stand on your own two feet and shut the person down. You are dealing with a bully. You sometimes need to stand up to get them to stand down. Read more about Neurocore at

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