HuffPost Makes Bob Reina A Staff Writer

Bob Reina is the proud owner of a promotion company called Talk Fusion. In addition to promoting businesses, Bob Reina likes to help people promote themselves. He believes one of his callings in life is to bring out the best in everyone. Bob Reina does this by talking to people on the street, and, for a few years now, he has been writing guest articles on HuffPost dealing with the issue of bringing out the best in people.


The HuffPost recently made Bob Reina an official staff writer. They were pleased with the way he was reaching readers and helping them better themselves. In recent articles written by Bob Reina, he described how people should rebrand themselves and learn to sell themselves all over again. Editors of HuffPost have always had a desire to teach people how to better themselves, but they did not find the perfect writer for their team. They believe they now have found the perfect writer, and they are already impressed with how many more people are reading HuffPost since Bob Reina came on board.


Bob Reina’s second article, since being on the HuffPost staff, he talked about how people should handle themselves in society, especially when there are more quitters than ever. Reviews are still flooding in from this article. Reviewers describe how they were able to use certain strategies to look ahead when everyone else is looking down.


Talk Fusion is an organization that solely exists to promote other organizations. Talk Fusion stands out because they only use videos to promote businesses. They do not send traditional mail, nor do they send out long-letter emails. After talking will neurologist and consumers, Bob Reina was satisfied with proof that nothing touches the heart of a consumer like a video.


The reason why many people do not send out videos-emails containing company information is that the file is too big. Usually, the receiver will not be able to open the video, or the receiver will refuse to open the video because of all the computer space the video will take up ( Talk Fusion handles this problem skillfully by condensing every video to make them attachable to an email.


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