Over the years, the healthcare industry has been growing exponentially due to the emerging technology that accompanies the growing number of health institutions. Globally, the industry falls into a whopping $3 trillion sector. In the US alone, each person receives a healthcare worth over $9,000 from the government. These high costs are not easy to clip because the reason that they are so high is not as clear to anyone who wants to come up with a solution.

For instance, entrepreneurs often shy away from involving themselves in the healthcare industry because they do not understand how the dynamics work there. Those who embrace the idea often usually have personal ties to the industry. The reason the investors choose not to pursue the idea of investing in healthcare is the underlying factors such as regulations, politics, and payment incentives that they do not agree with.

Aneesh Chopra, an appointee of the Barack Obama regime has helped improve the culture surrounding provision of healthcare. He was able to accomplish this by launching innovation-driven initiatives. Aneesh continues to improve the healthcare status, being the Chief Executive Officer of NavHealth, one of his initiatives.

Drew Madden is someone who has worked in the healthcare industry. He has collaborated with several healthcare providers on multiple occasions to provide IT support for these institutions.

An example of a healthcare providing entity that Drew Madden has worked with is Nordic Consulting Partners. He joined Nordic in 2010. He became its president in 2011 and held that position all through to 2016. Nordic partners with healthcare providers through consultation. These partnerships help the organization to provide solutions for the organization and the patients too. Nordic Consulting Partners is able to do this since it improves the performance of both the staff and the technology involved. The field concerning technology is Drew Madden’s specialty.

While Drew Madden worked at Nordic, he was able to help grow the employees in the company by over 700 from 10. The client partners also increased from three to 150. Nordic’s annual revenue increased to $130 million from $1 million. Drew Madden was able to do this from the experience he gained from Ingenix, where he worked in business development and Epic Consultation. Drew Madden’s IT background traces to his days in Cerner Corporation.

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