InnovaCare Health lead by Rick Shinto races to the front of Hurricane Maria relief

It can be surprising to know this statistic, but New Jersey holds the third-highest amount of Puerto Ricans in all of the U.S.

This fact isn’t lost on those within InnovaCare Health, Inc., a best-in-class provider of Medicare and Medicaid Advantage plans and similar services. As soon as two weeks following Hurricane Maria, the organization carried out its response. Deployed teams started with a 10-municipality voyage to send free medical care for dislodged citizens. Medical services and humanitarian aid were given and it impacted upwards of 4,000 residents after the first few months and they provided medical services to an excess of 1,600 patients with or without medical coverage.

One prominent representation of the efforts was exhibited at the San Juan Recharge station. Originally built as an area located centrally for storm-affected inhabitants to charge electronics, the rundown storefront bloomed in nearly one day to a makeshift infirmary.

“My father was walking by the place and noticed the sign. We had the chance to get my mother’s insulin refilled. This was huge as she was back to roughly three doses,” mentioned Javim Cruz, military member currently active in the US who had not yet heard from his family in the initial hours of the disaster. The drive was formed by Medicare y Mucho Mas, one of Puerto Rico’s more comprehensive Medicare Advantage health programs and a subsidiary of InnovaCare Health. Called MMM, the clinic that started as a charging station grew into one that now provides care and counsel as well. Around 40,000 people have gone to the Recharge center since November.

The clinic has just been one instance of InnovaCare Health’s continual interest in the nation’s well-being. New Jersey (after all) has of the greatest concentrations of Puerto Ricans around the United States. Dr. Richard Shinto, leader of the company, says that there isn’t an easy answer to what’s happening in healthcare in the country. He says it was multi-pronged even prior to Maria. The worst storm within the history of the island hit residents who were still recovering from poverty and poor transportation and housing exacerbated things exponentially.

“If they return home and cannot access a similar diet or have nowhere to go or no means of obtaining the prescribed medication, all the work done at the clinic would have been for nothing,” Rick Shinto stated. Ever since the opening drive to reply to Maria’s devastation, InnovaCare Health has set up 30 additional mobile clinics around the affected island in the months since.

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