James Larkin uniting Irishmen under ITGWU

James Larkin is among the few that the world knows as people who brought transformation. Transformation is a journey. This is the journey that James Larkin started, and never deviated from until his very last breath. He was always committed and focused.

Many unions came to know Jim Larkin as one of the best people when it came to settling down on peaceful strikes and demonstrations. James Larkin could really speak up and using what he was blessed with to the best of his ability only made him the best person that the unions could always turn to. Read more: Jim Larkin | Biography and Jim Larkin | Wikipedia

His drive was change, and this remained his goal until his death. ITGWU knew its founder as James Larkin. Today as he rests, the union keeps his works alive, by following his dream of always advocating and always campaigning for workers.

Workers have been forgotten and even ignored by the world. Very few people all over have ever paid attention to the efforts that laborers show in their work.

The successes of many institutions are not because of the hard work of a few people at the top, but rather the efforts of the people who sweat to ensure the firm remains on its feet; the employees. However, going unnoticed has been the order of their days.

James Larkin had been part of a few organizations and exposed to people who had the same ideologies as he did. He had traveled places in his assignments and learned a lot of things in the course of his movements.

After he had been expelled from the union that had worked with him for two years, NUDL, Larkin came up with an idea. He was going to change the history of trade unionism by beginning with a unifying organization before proceeding with a collaboration with one of his friends, into forming another group of mass action.

James Larkin was successful with ITWGU but was aware that it was never easy getting an organization to national recognition and support. Actually, the resistance he faced was so much that he decided to up his game. He united all workers. The Irish people who had suffered because of being inexperience would be with those who were experienced in the same union.


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