Jeff Herman Continues To Empower Sexual Abuse Victims Through His Law Firm

Jeff Herman has been working as an advocate for the sexually abused, sexually exploited, and rape victims for many years now. As a trial lawyer, he has built Herman Law into a firm that exclusively focuses on these kinds of cases. Herman is well-known in his field, and most people see him as the go-to-guy for sexual abuse cases. He has been referred to in the media as the “Dark Knight“, fighting for the most vulnerable victims.


He narrowed down his practices focus after talking with some parents who had an autistic kid who was sexually abused from a known pedophile that had volunteered to work at his school. He was shocked that no one had known that the man was a pedophile and that he was ever allowed to be around children. He found out that this was all-too-common and decided to devote himself to putting a stop to it.


Jeff Herman works with his dedicated team to construct timelines of events that have taken place in the cases he is working on. As a visual learner, he always draws the timeline on a whiteboard, so he can clearly see what has taken place and when. Instead of relying on hearsay and opinions, he likes to focus on the facts and works to keep his team on track by steering them back to the facts whenever they seem to get off course. When he is working on a case, it is hard to distract him because he gives it all of his attention. Refer to This Article to learn more.


Jeff Herman has commented on the #metoo movement and is glad that the word is out there that victims of sexual abuse will no longer be quiet. He admitted that no one likes to hear about these kinds of acts but that it is necessary in order to let people know that they are not alone. He believes that the feeling of loss of control that sexual abuse victims deal with can be remedied by coming forward, and he also works to give his clients their power back. While it has sometimes been difficult, Jeff Herman has immersed himself in his field, so he can better serve the specific needs of the clients who come to him for help.


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