Jose Hawilla and The Elements Necessary For Any Business Owner

One of the many authorized websites you can read today about what makes a businessman is found in The Balance. In one of its business articles, it is revealed that the environment or country one is in contributes a lot to the success of business leaders. In fact, the article shared the recent results of the 2016 Global Entrepreneurship Index that showed that the number one country that’s so fantastic for entrepreneurs is the United States, which was followed by Canada. In the list, it was also shown that Sweden scored about 75.9 percent in terms of its friendliness to risk-takers and entrepreneurs. It was also discovered that Taiwan, Iceland and Switzerland also ranked next in terms of its friendliness to businessmen and venture capitalists.

You should also know that United States has stayed to be the frontier of inventions, technologies and wonderful ideas that no one else in the world shows interest for. It is precisely this kind of tinkering curiosity that doesn’t rely on books but more on practical tricks that shape the technological and creative edge of the United States. For more details visit Estadao.


It is also relayed by the article that a big indicator of a business leader is also his personality. Those who have a risk-taking attitude in life and are inured to failure will have more chances of succeeding in entrepreneurial pursuits. One of the many successful business leaders today who hold such attitudes in life is Hawilla. You can visit traffic to see more.

About Jose Hawilla

Being a journalist, Hawilla has found his pursuit and meaning to provide help to those people who need media exposure. It is such desire to offer this kind of help that pushes Jose Hawilla to start Traffic, an advertising and marketing group that helps stakeholders in the sports industry find the exposure that they want.

Right now, under Mr. Jose’s leadership, Traffic is now able to accumulate about $40 million of assets to invest in various athletes that needed partial economic backing. With the players being invested by Traffic, the company that Jose has started is already considered to be one of the many companies today that can offer a great value for sports companies.



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