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Doe Deere is the CEO of her own makeup company Lime Crime. She is a true visionary, with a passion for creating makeup that’s vibrant, vegan, and animal cruelty free. This Gen Z trendsetter innovates you with shades of makeup that matches your mood along with the freedom to express who you are without judgement. Her Lime Crime products landed her on the cover of Self-Made magazine along with female business legends such as Suze Orman and Arianna Huffington.


This beautiful gorgeous soul Doe Deere, was born and raised in Russia. She grew up in the Gen Z era, which was really a time where the kids in her generation grew up fast and was doing homework online using computers. At the age of 13, Doe Deere created temporary tattoos, and decided to sell it to her classmates while she was in school. This was her first original experience with marketing. Plus she had a quality about her that made her stand out.


In the late 90’s, Doe Deere moved from Russia over to New York with her family. She then pursued her dreams as a musician and also went to school for fashion design. Little at a time everything was slowly coming together. She joined a band, met her husband, plus they wrote songs together, and worked at trying to promote the band. Plus she was already going to school for fashion design and modeling.


The only thing that was missing was colorful makeup. In Doe Deere’s time everything was mostly natural colors. This made it difficult for Doe Deere because she loves an assortment of bright colors. This is part of the reason that attributed as to why she was driven in coming up with her own cosmetics line. The other reason is because she loves animals, and she has animals of her own. It really was just her time to shine.


In 2004 Doe Deere spent time in a lab perfecting her cosmetic line. She wanted everything bright and colorful, all natural, and especially no animal derived ingredients. By the time everything was ready, she went on eBay to create her account and she tried a few names, and it just didn’t work out. So she came up with Lime Crime and that’s how the name came about for her cosmetic business. By 2008 this beautiful gorgeous soul Doe Deere from the Gen Z generation, finally launched her Lime Crime product.


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