Mathematician Michael Lacey

Michael Thoreau Lacey is a renowned American mathematician who was born in the year 1959. He attended the University of Texas at Austin where he got an undergraduate degree in Mathematics in 1981. Learn more about Michael Lacey: and

From there, he headed out to the University of Illinois at Urbana in search for further education in the field of Mathematics. It is there that he came across Walter Phillip who took him under his wing.

As part of his studies, Michael undertook a project on probability where his focus was on Banach spaces. With the excellent mentorship of Walter, Michael attained a doctorate in Mathematics from the University of Illinois in the year 1987.


With a doctorate tucked under his arm, Walter was now ready to share his knowledge with the world, and he started out as an assistant professor at the Louisiana State University where he taught from 1987-1988. From there, he taught at the University of North Carolina from 1988-1989 as an assistant professor. Read more: Michael Lacey | Mathalliance

He spent eight years between the years 1989-1996 as an assistant professor at the Indiana University in Bloomington. In 1996, he joined the Georgia Institute of Technology as an associate professor without tenure, and he served that position for two years.

In 1998, Michael became an assistant professor with tenure, and he remained in that position till 2001. In 2001, he gained the post of full professor at the Georgia Institute of Technology, a position that he holds to date.

Michael Lacey has received many honors during his professorship such as the Guggenheim fellowship that he received in the year 2004 for his extensive work with Xiaochun Li.

He gained recognition as an American Mathematical Society Fellow in the year 2013.

In his teaching years, his work continues to touch on his thesis as he continues to explore the areas of probability and harmonic analysis.


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