Meet Mike Bagguley, Barclay Bank Chief Operating Officer

Mike Bagguley is the person behind the Barclay bank success. He was accountable for all the aspects of strategic and risk positioning the bank’s Capital Forex franchise across the globe. He is very optimistic about the success of the institution which he was nominated as the Global Chief Operating Officer in 2016 when many banks were working on cost reduction as well as maximizing profits. He was able to rise to that level because the management believed that he had a lot of experience in the company for many years.

Mike Bagguley has been able to hold senior positions at the bank since 2001 where he was in charge of the Forex Cash Trading and also the Head of Interest Rate Changes in their Fixed Income division. He has also held the position of the head for the US Treasury as well as the USD Interest exchange trading. These positions have exposed him to a lot of challenges that have made him a competent person across the entire divide.

Mr.Bagguley before joining the institution used to work with various institutions as the Head of Asian Swap Trading at the famous Merrill Lynch and also Sanwa FP Co as the head of trading. The experienced he got from the companies was the bridge towards getting him a career at Barclay bank.

Mike Bagguley has also worked at LCH as the Shareholders Representatives Director. He also happens to be a fellow of the Institute of Actuaries in the United States. He also serves as the director of the Financial Markets across Europe.

Barclays has continued to encourage Mike Bagguley to take over the position f the Chief Operating Officer who will report directly to the company Investment Bank leader. He will be given the task of accelerating the company ’s strategic overhaul that started a few years ago. They also believe that he is the right man for the job and has the capability of bringing back the lost glory due to technological advancements as well as the 2007/8 economic crisis. It was during that period that so many employees laid off so that the banks could survive the crisis.

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