Tony Petrello Leads Nabors Industries From Bust Out To Boom Times

When Tony Petrello took over the helm of Nabors Industries, the company had suffered for decades under mismanagement and poor leadership. By the time of Petrello’s ascension to the top slot of the company, it was in chapter 11 bankruptcy and its stock was trading at just pennies.

That was 1991. By 2011, when Petrello was appointed CEO, the top position at the company, the stock price has risen to $50 a share before being split. This represented an incredible transformation from a company on the brink of insolvency to one of the nation’s leading oil services firms.

During the ‘90s and 2000s, Petrello led the company through a series of strategic acquisitions that dramatically enhanced its position in the oil services industry. Anthony Petrello had a vision to create a company that would be on the cutting edge of technological development in new areas of drilling technology. This included gigantic investments in directional drilling technologies, which would later prove to be invaluable when the shale boom of the 2010s took off. Nabors Industries found itself uniquely positioned to reap the huge rewards gushing from North America’s highly productive newly-found shale deposits.


Today, Petrello continues to provide the visionary leadership for Nabors Industries to move confidently forward into the 21st century oil industry. Through continued development of cutting-edge technologies, strategic acquisitions and attracting the top talent across the globe in the oil services sector, Nabors Industries will continue shoring up its strategic advantage and reaping huge profits for the decades to come.

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Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund Leads Fight against Inequality

In aim to bring equality to every human on the planet, organizations have emerged, and strongly so, to advocate for civil, migrant and human rights. Due to the inhumane activities that take place in the border of the United States and Mexico, programs that are involved in border advocacy have arisen to eliminate this threat.

The South Texas Human Rights Center engages in several community initiatives to stop death and suffering on the Texas-Mexico border. The No Mas Muertes does a similar task, but additionally encourages a humane immigrant policy, tries to recruit volunteers and gives adequate information about migrant safety and deaths on the border.

Located in San Diego, CA, the Desert Angles does an outstanding job of piloting search and rescue schedules and giving supplies to the less privileged in the aim of saving lives. Several other organizations exist and work hard to educate, empower and advocate for immigrants in that region. Such organizations include Border Network for Human Rights, Northern Border Coalition and the Casa de Proyecto Libertad.

Working to defend any form of abuse of human rights, racial profiling and discriminatory hiring practices, many human rights advocates will be willing to educate you as well as help pursue legal recourse. The American Association of Retired Persons specifically protects those above 50 years of age. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

Others that protect rights of a specific age bracket include the Asian Law Caucus, Asian American Legal Defense and Education Fund and the Lambda Legal Defense and Education Fund that fights for the rights of lesbians, gay, transgender and bisexual people. The American Civil Liberties protects individual rights under the Constitution.

One of the renowned organizations in the State of Arizona is the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund. It supports any group that intends to fight for human, migrant and civil rights. Additionally, it supports those seeking to exercise the freedom of speech and civil participation.

The latter is not surprising as the organization was founded by two journalists, Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin, who had prior to this co-founded the Phoenix New Times and the Village Voice Media. In their journalism business, they had exposed that there had been grand jury proceedings that were seeking for anyone who had read articles about a sheriff in Maricopa County named Joe Arpaio. The sheriff arrested them, which only landed them in the Court of Appeal of the US for the ninth circuit and ultimately were paid $3.75 million, which they used to start their fund.

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U.S. Money Reserve Is Launching “2016 Gold Summit”

There is a new direct response TV show that will feature Larry King as its moderator. This is a TV show that has been launched by U.S. Money Reserve. The show will have panelists that enjoy high credibility. These include Philip Diehl, besides John Rothans and much more.

U.S. Money Reserve is among the largest distributors in the world that deals with U.S. as well as foreign government legal tender products made of gold, silver, and even platinum.

They have just launched a show of 28-minute duration. It will take place in Los Angeles at 2016 Gold Summit. Larry King will be serving as the moderator. This program will also feature Michael Reagan who is eldest son of Ronald Reagan, the ex-President of America.

He had already set the stage here in this program. He stated that President Reagan always believed that every American citizen had the right to owning gold. After this, there was a segment in which panelists from the U.S. Money Reserve gave more information on this subject.

They spoke about the benefits of being the owner of gold that has been issued by the U.S. government. They also discussed to set aside issues regarding the volatility in this market.

There were discussions regarding current financial scenario. Next were discussions about the buying power of the dollar. The recent events around the globe that have impacted the bull market of gold were also discussed here.

It is quite evident that this was a highly informative and interesting program for American citizens who may have liked to invest in US government issued gold but may have had certain apprehensions.

The panel of this TV program was highly impressive too. It comprises of Philip Diehl who is the President of U.S. Money Reserve as well as Chairman of the Industry Council for Tangible Assets (ICTA). Next panelist was John Rothans who is the Master Numismatist at U.S. Money Reserve. Another was Brad Castillo who is the former Vice President of Sales when he worked at the U.S. Money Reserve.

The CEO of U.S. Money Reserve is Angela Koch. She is quite excited about The 2016 Gold Summit Show. She calls it an outcome of the hard work of their production team which showcases their talent too.

She is excited about featuring Larry King, the moderator, in this program as critical topics were discussed here which were pertaining to the market of precious metals.

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How Well Does Wen Work?

The Wen hair care line has grown in popularity over the years, and a number of celebrities have even confirmed ( that using Wen has improved the health of their hair. Wen creator Chaz Dean is a celebrity stylist, and the products in the hair care line are free of harsh and unnatural chemicals. The brand is also known for its cleansing conditioner, which takes the place of traditional shampoo and thoroughly cleans and nourishes the hair.

If you’ve been thinking about trying Wen, Bustle’s Emily McClure provides a review of the Fig conditioner from Wen that could help you decide if Wen is right for you.

On the first day of the experiment, Emily said that she was satisfied with the way the conditioner made her hair feel. She chose the Fig conditioner because it moisturizes the hair and provides volume, and she wanted her naturally thin hair to look fuller.

Throughout the week, the conditioner continued to moisturize her hair and made her hair feel heavier. She even missed a day of washing her hair and used a curling iron to style her hair. Before the day was over, her curls fell, but her hair still looked healthy. Here friends even complimented her on how great her hair looked.

McClure says that Fig conditioner from Wen is great for women with thin hair, and she’d also recommend it for women who shampoo and blow their hair on a daily basis. Wen products are available on Sephora stores. The products are also available online on and on Amazon.

Fabletics Is Becoming Popular

Not many companies can become so popular so fast as Fabletics has managed. This refers to a luxury brand focused on work-out wear. This is a brand that is being promoted by Kate Hudson.


In fact, Kate is a celebrity who has impressed millions of viewers all across the world. She is known for her beauty and poise as well as fitness regimen. She is passionate about her fitness. Hence people expect the same kind of passion in everything that she is endorsing. This is one of the factors that make Fabletics popular.


It is a fashion brand being promoted online and through local physical stores too. The brand feels that by having a physical store, a local connect gets built. This is because a physical store will be frequented by those who stay close by. This means the store will be stocking up on goods which cater specifically to that population. In addition, a physical store would also mean more walk-ins. The fact remains that there are still a lot of people who may not be comfortable with doing online shopping. They would like to see the clothes, touch it with their own hands and only then buy it.


This is why Fabletics keeps its consumer in mind. They use the same thought in their reverse showroom technique too. Typically customers visit a store. They look around. They see if they like the stuff or not. In case they like it, they will buy. Once this is done, it can be decided to go for a membership or not. In the case of Fabletics, the process is very different. Rather, the customers are made members first. Then they are asked to visit their site or the store. This strategy has worked quite well for Fabletics.


They offer the customers VIP membership. A monthly subscription is to be paid here. This allows the members to get a lot of attractive discounts as well as deals. In addition, there will be access to the latest trends that reach the store. This means that the members get information to buy the latest fashion workout wear before anyone else.


Fabletics is targeting the high-end segment that is into a fitness regime. They are luxury items. Hence these are for people for whom time is a premium. Hence they have no time for shopping or browsing or even selecting of clothes. This is a mindset that Fabletics understood very well.

Lori Senecal Shows That It is Important To Be Specific About Goals

People who are looking to succeed in business need to be very specific about what they want. One of the mistakes that people can make when it comes to starting a business is being too general. People need to take the time to make specific goals so that they will have a better chance at succeed. Even more important is the decision on the types of services and products that are going to be offered. When customers see a lot of the specific aspects of the business being handled, they will feel more confident about buying from the company. After all, the company is supposed to know more about the products than the customer should.

The same could be said in the advertising industry. One has to have a plan that is specific when it comes to dealing with clients and their advertising campaign. Fortunately, for Lori Senecal, she is very specific in what she wants for her company. According to Ad, this is one of the reasons that any advertising company that she joins is going to be successful. She has changed companies that she has started so that they can be more efficient. One of the reasons behind changing the business model is so that people could be better served in a faster way.

Not only is Lori Senecal specific, she is also organized in what she wants to do and how she wants her business to carry out assignments. This is one of the reasons that she has managed to expand her company. While other companies are focused on building a lot of rapport with their clients, Lori Senecal understands that her clients want quick results. Therefore, she keeps everything on a professional level with her company and expects that her workers focus on getting the job done in an efficient manner.

Given her ability to organize everything, she has managed to also multitask when it comes to her company. Therefore, a lot more objectives get accomplished. Given Lori Senecal’s personality, she shows that she is able to figure out her strengths and make the best of them when it comes to business.

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Securus Technologies – The Communications Company

Securus Technologies recently had an experience that few companies have to bother with. GTL, a competitor, made a public claim that their services were better than Securus and the prices were lower. Securus is a leading provider of communications technology to correctional institutions, law enforcement agencies, and safety organizations.


Securus provides services to over 3.400 customers and 1,200,000 inmates and families all over North America. They offer phone plans that work on iPads, Androids, tablets, and landline phone services. One very popular service is the video phone platform that allows both callers to see one another during the call if they both have a web camera hookup on both ends. Also available is the Jail Voicemail, email, and a money transfer service.


The claims made by GTL were boastful and full of false facts and were by no means truthful in any way. Securus countered with an offer to set up a challenge to compare all of the metrics such as pricing and service results, with an independent third party set up to judge the outcome.


For awhile there was a deafening silence from GTL, and then eventually they politely declined to take part in the challenge. It was a foregone conclusion as the facts are difficult to overcome with exaggerations. Once the public knows the truth, the fabrication fades quickly away.


People who were once with GTL and have switched to Securus testify that they are much more satisfied by Securus by a three to one margin. The Securus plans are just great to use and they deliver handsomely what they originally say they will do. People are fickle in nature, and they will not stay with a service that is haphazard and difficult to use.


Securus takes its compliance and delivery processes very seriously because the link between an inmate and his family can mean the difference in how well he deals with his incarceration.


Is Extortion An Exercise of Free Speech? Courts Will Decide

Conducting online reputation management can come with a few surprises. The entrepreneur never knows what she might find on the Internet, what some competitor says about her or what a dissatisfied customer might write in a review. The Internet can be a terrifying mystery that is unwrapped daily, especially for those who are in the public spotlight, reveals For one Dallas company, they woke up one morning to find a man who was attempting to extort them. William Stanley threatened to flood the Internet with negative reviews unless they paid him nearly $30,000. While threatening to sue a company may not seem like a legitimate business practice, the currently jailed Stanley will be arguing that this is a case of Free Speech during his trial.

Is Extortion An Exercise of Free Speech?

The problem with what Stanley is doing may become crystallized if we apply his tactic as a standard business practice or even a career. If he were to win in court, then he could make a career of threatening to ruin the reputation of legitimate companies. Just as there are online reputation management companies, Stanley could start an online defamation company.

There is a difference between free speech and extortion, or free speech and defamation. The rights of one individual end where the rights of another begin. The liberty to violate the rights of another person is not a true freedom.

Threatening To Share Misinformation

One might be able to sympathize with Stanley if he were sharing a legitimate concern about the company. But he threatened that if they do not pay him $30,000, he is going to share false and misleading information on the Internet, ruining the companies reputation. One will have to wonder if something could be an exercise of free speech if it is an outright lie. Is perjury an exercise of free speech? Surely not. One can be confident that the courts will rule against Stanley.

Struggling With That Car Payment, Folks?

Okay, you have finally realized you didn’t get your best financing deal when you purchased your vehicle. Well, you just took a ride on a rather large boat along with thousands of other buyers, so you’re not alone. That said, a refinancing has crossed your mind and it’s probably a good idea. However, if you will allow us to tug on your coat for a couple minutes, this article will put a smile back on your face, remove that dark cloud over your head, and show you some blue skies and green lights. To begin with, here are some interesting thoughts for you to ponder.


What went wrong when you purchased that vehicle? If your interest rate was high and you had a credit score on the north side of 700 plus an unblemished credit history doesn’t mean you received the best deal from the dealership. What you did was fall in love with the vehicle (can’t live without it) and your best rate suddenly went south.

Here are four things you need to know before you start looking to refinance your current vehicle. So ask yourself these questions:

* Is the vehicle worth less than the loan balance?

* Call your current lender and request the payoff amount of your loan which would be the amount of the money you need to refinance.

* Don’t fall for the ploy that there is a required time limit from the date of the original loan to refinance – it’s not true.

* Once you know your payoff, and the terms of your refinance loan, you’ll know how much of those green pieces of paper with the pictures of dead presidents on the front you will save refinancing.


In the final analysis, refinancing to better terms and rates loans are pretty much straightforward and decisions and paperwork are usually quick.  So if you find yourself upside down in your current loan and for whatever reason need to lower your monthly payment conundrum headache, you can stop whinning. Ignition Financial is where the parachutes and green lights are located and they will be happy to give you a quote when you ask the secret words that you want to “slash my payments.” Contact: