Peter Briger: An Expert in Investment

An American, financial and investment expert, Peter Briger is talented with inborn leadership skills. He has the ability the acquire more wealth. He is respected for his professionalism and dedication towards his work. As a successful leader, he has built a high profile for himself. His skills are remarkable and unquestionable.

Peter Briger has held the managerial position for various organizations. While working at Goldman, Sachs & Co., he was delegated with responsibilities to chair several committees such as the Global Control and Compliance Committee, Asian Management Committee, and the Japan Executive Committee. Along with that, the firm appointed him as the leader in charge of the Asian Real estate Private Equity and the Distressed Debt business to mention the least.

Peter Briger graduated from Princeton with a degree in B.A. Shortly after; he enrolled for his Master’s in Business Administration from the University of Pennsylvania. His extensive experience and insightful ideas on financial matters have shaped his career journey.

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Peter Brigerlives a balanced life; he also uses his wealth to support charitable organizations. He is an icon in community services. He is a member of NGO based in California that supports the haves not. He was appointed as a member in an organization that helps in promoting sensitive understanding on matters relating to foreign policies to Americans citizens and government official. His compassion in helping college student and preparing them to be competent in the job market at Caliber Schools is indisputable.

Peter Briger Success at Fortress

At Fortress Investment Group, he serves as a principal and board of director co-chairman. He was appointed a member of the board of director in 2006. Three years later, Pete Briger was acclaimed as co-chairman. At Fortress Investment Group, he is obligated with credit and real estate business.

His enterprising skills have enabled him to turn his assets into billions. Pete Briger is a risk taker and aggressive when it comes to business. He engages himself in business that majority will not have the guts to invest in. His tireless effort at Fortress is seen by raising $4.7 billion towards Fortress Credit Opportunities within the first quarter. It was statistically approximated as 87% of the total amount required that year. His intelligence allows him to see more opportunities for investment.

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