Roseann Bennett: Executive Director And The Co-Founder Of Center For Assessment And Treatment


Roseann Bennett is the executive director and the co-founder of Center for Assessment and Treatment. It is an organization which offers mental health services to clients around New Jersey. Bennett is an experienced family therapist. She offers assistance in the fields of case management and crisis management, treatment planning, family and marital therapy among others.


Bennett as mostly specialized with issues concerning adolescents and their families. She has been doing this job for the past one decade. Roseann is certified by the American Association for Marriage, and Family Therapy Approved Supervisor. She is also an ACS Approved Supervisor. She is currently the President of the Northern Chapter of the New Jersey Association for Marriage and Therapy. Go Here for related Information.


Roseann Bennett started the facility after working for several years as an in-home therapist. She then transferred to outpatient therapy and realized the challenges that were being met in this area. Patients had to wait for treatment for up to nine months. No facilities were offering mental health services at a low- cost. All the patients she was handling came back to her for a continuation of services because there were no other facilities in the area to handle the treatment.


Roseann Bennett established the center in collaboration with his husband. They wanted to provide an alternative for the many patients who lacked support. Center for Assessment and Treatment was established as a nonprofit organization that would concentrate on treatment and advocacy. The organization wants to be the voice of the disenfranchised in the community.


Roseann Bennett has shown dedication when handling the matters surrounding the mental health of the people. She is focused on addressing this issue until there is a long lasting solution. Her facility has proved essential in New Jersey, with hundreds of people coming to the facility to seek assistance. Bennett is ready to push on with the course until she assists the highest number of people possible.



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