Roseann Bennett’s Newest Therapy Option

The medical community is always looking for ways to innovate and make everything easier on the clients. Roseann Bennett has been at the forefront of these ideas with her role in the therapy sector. She has been working in the industry for over 10 years and founded the Center for Assessment and Treatment. Recently, her practice has begun experimenting with canine-assisted therapy for children and adults alike. The website Blogwebpedia recently published an article about the effects of dogs in the medical world.


The article begins by describing Jack, Roseann Bennett’s Canine-Assisted Therapy dog. Jack helps children in particular to let their guard down and become more comfortable in an unusual environment. They are different than the more commonly seen service dogs, in that they provide emotion support rather need a specific special need. Some dog breeds are better suited for the task, but in general the dog just needs to be sociable. The use of dog therapy has actually been around for many decades, with the first documented dating back to 1976.


Dogs are loving animals, and their presence can be felt in both children as well as adults. Studies have shown how canine-assisted therapy can increase a child’s ability to learn and recall information. While in adults, dogs help copes with loneliness and depression. Roseann Bennett believes the mental benefits have been well documented across the board. Dogs don’t judge people, which allows the average person to be calm and open up in ways they normally would not. See This Article to learn more.


Roseann Bennett has devoted her personal life to finding innovate therapy methods for her clients. She has already seen great success with canine-assisted therapy and is trying to make it more accessible as option. Her practice has helped countless clients over the years.


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