Sahm Adrangi – Embracing the Short-Position Investment Tactic

Sahm Adrangi, the originator and chief investments officer of the famous Kerrisdale Capital Management. Sahm is renowned for publishing various adverse reports on companies going down on the capital market. He is leaned economist with an economics degree from the famous Yale University and has worked on multiple financial companies as their financial advisors.


Sahm Adrangi has worked as financial analysts at the Longacre Funds Management, the Leveraged Finance Investments Banking and other Restructuring investments banking companies globally. At the Longacre Funds Management, he researched the business 1.2 billion assets offering analytical advice on matters of credit and equity funds.


Sahm Adrangi later opened the Kerrisdale Capital Management that offers various clients with Capital Reports and short positions of multiple companies globally. Sahm recently issued circulating information on St. Joe Company giving it a negative report and it states that the company assets are the only fraction of what portrayed in the market.


He indicates that St. Joe’s lands holdings valuation is always overhyped and it’s undergoing a very aggressive assumption on its various developments. The Shareholders of the company at the Fairholme Fund are prone to suffer the new SEC liquidation terms and rules, and the law requires the company to minimize on its share stake. The law may lead the company to take the risk of forced selling. Additionally, St. Joe has no optimism in its capital budget.


St. Joe devotion to its share members has made the company make plans for its exposed land that near the Panama City Beach to become an ideal home for retirees and also for business. But according to Sahm Adrangi St. Joe has no position of developing the property due to its $1 billion valuation problem that has seen it have minimal development and growth on the said interior land.


Sahm Adrangi says the company investors will endure long-suffering as they monitor St. Joe progress and its continued struggles with the monetizing the property to justify the valuation results.

St. Joe Company largest shareholders will continue facing problems, and the company is expected to reduce its shares with half with Kerrisdale benefiting with the price fall since it holds the company on the short position.

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