Securus Technologies: Asking for Comments and Reviews

Securus Technologies once asked their customers and clients to send them an email with their comments and reviews regarding the company. Securus Technologies is one of the leading telecommunications providers in North America, and they wanted to know how their customers and clients think about the products and services they provide. They also stated that one of the reasons why they were asking their customers and clients is because they wanted to know how they can improve as a company, and what measures they would have to take so that their customers and clients would stay for longer. Right after asking their customers and clients for their comments and reviews, tons of responses came into their email.



There is a sizable amount of response which stated how Securus Technologies helped them (the jail officers) with their task of keeping the correctional facility a safe and secure place. Other emails tell of how the products and services from Securus Technologies helped them in solving crimes and apprehending the criminals. The devices from Securus Technologies have a built-in voice recording system and GPS, which can make the tracking of an individual easier. Another email tells of a situation where an investigator managed to identify who the suspect is by using one of the features of the company’s software. The jail officers have thanked Securus Technologies for their support, and they are hoping that the company would soon develop new technologies that would aid them in their line of duty.



Securus Technologies thanked their customers and clients for the positive feedback about their products and services. The company stated that more is in store for the correctional facilities that they serve, and they revealed that they would be adding more features to be used on their devices to ensure the safety of the jail officers and the people living near the correctional facilities.



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