Securus Technologies: Facts You Should Know About

Securus Technologies Inc. is a primary provider of both civil and criminal justice comprehensive, innovative technical solutions. The company is based in Dallas, Texas, and includes four district offices in the Dallas and one regional office in Atlanta, Georgia. Securus Technologies solutions are aimed at ensuring public safety and aiding investigations and corrections. The company serves nearly 2,600 correctional amenities in about 45 states in Canada, Mexico, and Columbia District, and over a million prisoners across the country.



Securus Technologies Products and Services



The company launched technical solutions to regulate illegal cell phone importation. As of 2016, it’s managed access solutions had received approval in over five correctional department facilities. In July 2016, Securus amalgamated with Harris Corporation on 2016 on Cell Defender technology solution. In 2017, the company publicized its cable-less containment technology established to stop illegal cell phones from linking to mobile communications.



Responses for Securus Technologies Crime Prevention Solutions



From their mission of developing newer and improved products or services to help law enforcement agencies and corrections facilities to solve and prevent crimes, Securus has received a lot of feedback. These responses have mostly come from officers tasked with stopping and resolving crimes as well as and ensuring safer and better detention facilities.



Their technology has allowed drugs and cash recovery, helped in crime investigation, enabled inmates to communicate with their families, and facilitated proactive methods for monitoring and preventing illegal products. Securus’ mission is to ensure public safety, crime prevention, and follow-up for the community.



Inmate Communication

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