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Residing in the state of Texas, secured in the city of Austin, is the technology safety company Securus Technologies. Securus Technologies has been providing the United States of America with safety products for nearly 30 years now. They have given products to all members of law enforcement and public safety officers. They proudly boast that they can be found in 1000 prisons protecting over 1.2 million prisoners.


Over the years, Securus Technologies has seen it all. However, about six years ago, Securus Technologies saw a problem develop they never knew would occur. This is the problem of the hobby drone. Many of us have seen the hobby drones in local city parks. They are used by people to gain pictures of birds, kids, and other activities in motion. However, these hobby drones are also known to be used for more dark purposes.


Hobby drones are being used by people on the outside to deliver illegal items to inmates still locked within prison. A person simply needs to get within 1000 feet of a prison in order to operate the drone. Once there, they fly the drone over the prison walls and drop a small box into the prison courtyard. This is then picked up by the inmate inside. While this box could have any item inside, the most common are drugs, cell phones, and weapons.


Securus Technologies is well aware of the danger these items pose to citizens and correctional officers and fellow inmates. Because safety is their main concern, they got to work to discover a way to end the threat of the hobby drone. They believe they can utilize their pre-existing technology, the Wireless Containment Solutions, in order to deter these drones. They have begun working with experts in the technology and engineering fields in order to find ways to implement the new program into Wireless Containment Solutions.


Securus Technologies believes that they can use the Wireless Containment Solutions to detect the drone upon its arrival. Once the drone has been detected, Wireless Containment Solutions can scramble the drone’s signal. This will cause the drone to no longer operate properly and crash to the ground. Securus Technologies is hoping that they will soon be able to invent a way that will allow them to take over a drone so that they can safely land it for other future investigations.


Such innovation has gained Securus Technologies global acclaim. For those who operate in the technology industry, the Stevie Awards is one of the most prestigious in the field. Securus Technologies was able to win not one, not two, but three Stevie Awards in 2017. They were able to secure the gold and the silver and bronze for themselves.

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