Shafik Sachedina

Shafik Sachedina is a well-recognized philanthropist in the whole of the United Kingdom. Sachedina purpose to bring change to the Ismaili Community. For decades, he participates in the transition of the Ismaili community not just in the UK but across the world.

The philanthropist is an advisory and a member of the Institute of the Ismaili Studies. The Institute upholds the Muslim culture and its history. Sachedina, born in the year 1950, relocated from Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania to the United Kingdom many years ago in his teenage. In the UK, Sachedina studied dentistry in a medical college known as the Guy Medical Hospital in London. Also, he gained much experience as a dental surgeon from the London Dental School.

The primary goal for Shafik Sachedina is to spread the information about the Muslim culture widely and educate about the Ismaili Community to every community member. Thus, he believes that the influence of the Ismaili Community should be enormous. Sachedina is a generous participant of the Aga Khan Foundation; the UK registered Charity organization that supports the livelihood of the Ismaili Community members in the entire world. The Philanthropist coordinates many of the Ismaili Community’s organizations, and he offers his time, resources, and attention to all the community’s missions.

Shafik Sachedina is a joint chair of Sussex Healthcare; the UK registered senior healthcare facility. Under Sachedina’s leadership as a qualified dental surgeon, the healthcare is successful in all its missions to provide medical care attention. The facility provides housing, proper meals, and a relaxing environment. Apart from taking care of the old, the institution focuses on adults having developing issues such as autism, neurological condition, learning disabilities, and brain injuries. The primary goal of Sussex Healthcare is to provide bright moments for the patients out of psychological and mental pain. At the facility, we provide transportation for the elderly and those who cannot walk to various amenities like gymnasium and pools.

From the year 1975, after attaining his degree as a dental surgeon from the London University, Shafik Sachedina practiced dentistry with professionalism where he made sure all of his patients received the correct attention. Also, he served numerous roles in the many healthcare facilities he associated. Sachedina was the leader of the delegations to settle confrontational matters regarding Afghanistan and Syria. On two occasions Sachedina was the President of the Ismaili Community. Therefore, he has honors of many awards due to his tireless efforts as a well-wisher.

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