Stream Energy creates a philanthropic foundation

Stream Energy is one of the companies that came out to help the victims of Hurricane Harvey in Houston. The Dallas-based company that deals with selling energy are one of the companies that do not hesitate to help the community any time a need arises. It has been offering support to these communities for a very long time. It has spent millions supporting needy cases in the community. To make sure that the philanthropic work they are carrying out is of the right value they have now created Stream Cares Foundation, which will deal specifically with matters of philanthropy. This department has been established as part of making sure that the company has a coordinate presence in community work. The transformation that has taken place in the past few decades in this company has seen it embrace services to the community through philanthropy and providing high-quality services to their customers.

The step taken by Stream Energy is one that many other organizations have been taking in recent years. Business organizations have noted that philanthropy can be a tool of reaching out to the customers and influencing the decisions made by the customers. Philanthropy is the new battleground where companies are trying to outdo each other in. It has been seen that in recent years, the donations being made by corporate America, locally and internationally have been going above the bar. companies are spending billions in donations to needy causes.

Stream Energy has been involved in various initiatives that help the needy members of the society. Among the things they have done in the past include building homes for the homeless, clothing street children and many others. The changes that have taken place in the business world are likely to see many people benefit from the acts of goodwill by these organizations.

Stream Energy is going to do more about the issue of philanthropy, now that they have created a department that will deal specifically with those issues. Going forward, the company will be taking part in community programs that have far-reaching effects on the lives of the people affected by the initiatives.

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