Talos Energy, The Leading Offshore Explorer

Energy is an essential need in the life of human being, especially in the new lie. Almost all industries in the world require energy for them to work effectively. But where does this energy come from? Energy is derived from the natural resources available in the world including the gases, oil, petroleum, water, wind, solar, biogas, coal and some geothermal sources. All these natural resources have to undergo some transformations for them to release energy. There are a number of companies in the world which are responsible for energy exploration and production. Talos Energy is one of the companies found in the United States of America.

Talos energy has its headquarters in Houston, Texas and it is one of the leading energy companies in the country. The founder of the company is Mr. Timothy Duncan, and he founded the company in the year 2012. Timothy doubles as the Chief Executive Officer of the company. The industry mainly focuses on offshore exploration and production at the Gulf of Mexico and the coastal areas of Mexico. Talos energy has experts who are experienced and skilled in operating in deep geological, geophysical and the basin.

It has undertaken several projects, and the most outstanding one is the drilling of Zama Dam in Zama Field which is located at the shallow waters of the Gulf of Mexico. In this project, Talos energy uncovered formation of over 1.5 billion barrels of crude oil. In this project, the company joined hands with companies like Sierra Oil and Gas and Premier Oil.

Talos Energy is a leading energy production company, and the Chief Executive officer of the company strives to ensure that the company retains its excellent reputation by delivering quality services. He also works hard to ensure the company’s productivity increases making it prosper. The company has gone even an extra mile and formed a merger with Stone Energy Company with the objective of increasing its performance and prosperity. The merger has helped the company to overcome the stiff competition which is there in the offshore exploration and production at the Gulf of Mexico.

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