The Brown Agency Brings Fresh Talent to Austin, Texas

A modeling and talent agency, The Brown Agency, has dedicated its services to Austin, Texas since the spring of 2010. This portion of the Brown Agency Family business has quickly grown to become one of the leaders within the industry and market. Their goal is to bring the big market appeal and standards to Austin as well as the expectations needed for this area of business to the Austin scene.

Since the very opening of the Austin business, the models of the Brown Agency have been featured among some of the biggest names of commercial work. Some of the models from this agency have been featured among the Louis Vuitton commercials and ads as well as for Toyota and Loreal. There are thousands of other companies who have used the talents of the Brown Agency as well.

For the fashion models among the business, they have walked on the runways of the Austin Fashion Week as well as other various fashion week shows like the New York Fashion Week expose. For the Miami Swim Week, models from this agency have also been selected.

The President of the Brown Agency, Justin Brown as been heard saying that their business is only as good as the talent of their business. They take pride in the fact that they offer some of the best within the business and that they work effortlessly to provide the prep needed that makes them ready for the bigger names in the market. He brings some of the most professional as well as elegant talent and models in the business to print and screen and has improved how Austin is ranked for talent in the Country.

According to Market Wired, the Brown Agency doesn’t only take clients and talent from one area. They offer a selection of talents from your standard blond to a long haired beauty with the brightest of red hair. They also take on children of all ages. There is no set guideline on the various talents needed within the world of talent and because there is no set type of person needed, the Brown Agency works to take and bring people in of all ages, sizes and backgrounds.

They offer an abundance of followers on Instagram as well as Facebook and various other social media websites. They know how important it is to reach a broad audience as well as the desire to keep everyone informed among their business practices to bring in new talent monthly.

It is very important for those who are trying to be successful in modeling and other talent areas to use the best talent agency possible and The Brown Agency is among the best agencies in the country. They offer their talents for commercials, ads, brochures and even runways. They cover all aspects in the talent scouting world.

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