The Grand Career Life of Vincent Parascandola

In the world of business, many are entrepreneurs who find it difficult to have a taste of what it feels like to experience success. However, to the few lucky one, success is just but their second name. For Vincent Parascandola, career success is a stroke of luck that came his way since the beginning of his career. As per the career portfolio, Vincent’s career life is characterized by years of excellence, and that leaves him a leader to watch keenly.

Many may not be aware of Vincent’s early career life, what he claims to be the talented leader he is today. Vincent, often called Vinny began his career in 1987 working at Prudential as an agent. His involvement with the company was greatly felt, and it did not take long before he was crowned the National Rookie of the year.

Mr. Vincent Parascandola has also worked at Money Life Insurance Company. The successful executive joined the company in 1990. Owing to his track record, Vinny was tasked with managing the regional duties of the group, an undertaking that he enjoyed doing on a daily basis as it greatly suited his portfolio.

In 2004, Vincent got the opportunity to work with AXA Advisors, LLC, where he serves today as the senior executive president. Vinny has 25 years’ experience in the game, a period that has played a crucial role in preparing him for future roles. With his vast experience, Vincent is a key member of the AXA team. The successful vice president is responsible for managing the company’s sales, and development of professionals. Also, Vincent monitors the recruitment and retention of a talented team of professionals.

Before becoming AXA’s senior executive, Vinny served in the company as the President of The Advantage Group, a subsidiary of AXA Equitable. Vinny was expected to assist in the running of its New York’s branch. Over his career, Vinny has continued to portray the best version of himself, a character that has earned him great respect and success to any company that he works. You can visit Pocomuseum for the details.

Vincent’s efforts in the business world can never go unnoticed. In the recent past, the successful leader was awarded in the GAMA Career Development and Master Agency Awards, among many other platforms that acknowledge his effort. Vincent schooled at Pace University where he earned a Bachelor’s degree in Science where he recently gave a speech during a graduation event.

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