Vinod Gupta Makes Leaps And Bounds Towards Women’s Education In India

Vinod Gupta, a true self-made multi-millionaire is now giving women an opportunity to blossom pasted their horizons. Gupta went to school just a couple hours from New Delhi, India, and he was accepted at the Indian Institute of Technology. While in school, Vinod Gupta focused on learning about agricultural engineering, eventually earning a Master’s in the field at the University of Nebraska at Lincoln.


Gupta is currently the Managing General Partner at Everest Group. Everest Group specializes in bringing capital, equity, and consulting services to their clients. Thanks to Vinod Gupta and his company, people are able to start-up, refocus, or revitalize their companies. Vinod Gupta has used his knowledge to benefit others.


In fact, even when Gupta isn’t working he is making sure to use his experience, knowledge, and equity to help others. Vinod Gupta understands the importance of education. Thus, he is always trying to help other complete their educational goals. Those who would otherwise not have any educational possibilities are assisted by Gupta.


For example, Vinod Gupta donated $1 million dollars towards the development of Ram Rati Gupta Polytechnic. This school, designed for women, was created in 2000 and has produced several graduates who accomplished post graduate degrees in just under 2 years. This institution aims to make women of India more independent by enabling them to have their own careers. See This Page for more information.


This isn’t the only time that Vinod Gupta has made donations for the Betterment of Indian Women. Gupta developed a school in his home town, donating everything from buses to textbooks to make sure the school became operational.


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