Whitney Wolfe and her Plans for Bumble for 2019

Whitney Wolf Heard has garnered massive amounts of success with her online dating app, Bumble. Previously employed with Tinder, Wolfe stepped out on her own accord to create an online dating app which gives women the ability to be in control of their own destiny. On this app the women initiate conversation with the person that they matched, leaving the consent 100% up to the woman. Whitney Wolfe has elaborate plans for 2019. She has partnered with dermatologists and psychotherapists to add skincare on to the brand. Like everything else she does, this skincare line will cater to the betterment of the physical and mental health of women. For latest update connect with Whitney Wolfe on Twitter.

Wolf has been an implementer of women’s rights in technology since she first started the app in 2014.Wolfe had been a victim of sexual harassment in the workplace at Tinder and she has been a strong Advocate and making sure that women are in control of their interaction on dating apps. It has been considered a social norm for men to send lewd pictures via social apps and expect nothing more than adoration and admiration from the woman on the other end.

Whitney Wolfe has made it her business to make sure that these experiences are few and far between at Bumble. Not only is this important to her but making sure that business is executed as thoroughly as possible, especially for women, has been a number one priority for her ambition and perseverance. She has already made steps to implement ways for women to make money on apps as well and make friends. Wolfe recently partnered with Kris Jenner to help develop Bumble Bizz, where women can find jobs and network with other business professionals. They can also build lasting friendships through Bumble BFF, another part of bumble.

Today, Bumble is worth millions of dollars despite her long-standing lawsuit with Tinder. Whitney Wolfe’s goal was to offer more than was given to her by tender and more than any other dating app could provide. It is believed that dating apps today cater more to men than they do to women. Wolfe has made it her business to make sure that was not the status quo for Bumble. Whitney Wolfe continues to share her success with the people around her and the people that help Bumble progress.

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