Why Rocketship Education Is The Best School Around

Public schools are the backbone of modern societies around the planet. Nations with better schools typically derive higher utility from their well-educated citizens, proving the importance of quality education.

While educational leaders in various countries recognize the important link between parents, their children, and academic performance, few in the United States of America make the connection. Rocketship Education is proud to know that it draws an integral correlation between parental involvement in the home and performance in school.

What Makes Rocketship Education Unique

In actuality, Rocketship Education is different from almost all schools in the United States for a variety of reasons. However, one of the most notable differences is the willingness of Rocketship Education staff and faculty to assist students outside of traditional classroom environments.

It’s safe to say that teachers at Rocketship Education’s facilities would never hang out with students outside of school, they aren’t scared to help communities in need.

Why Communities Feel Confident In Having Rocketship Education On Their Side

Rocketship Education is a public charter school, which means it is able to seek investments from businesses, organizations, and individuals outside of government agencies. Charter schools do, in fact, have to worry about receiving sufficient funding, although they don’t typically have to follow rules set forth by any state or local boards of education.

This allows for less government overreach, and more funding to do what it feels necessary.

Charter schools get together with individuals outside of school and parent-teacher conferences, like when the 2017 Coyote Creek flood of the San Francisco Bay Area took place.

Coyote Creek Is More Than Just A Creek…

… It’s a full-fledged river!

In February of 2017, Coyote Creek flooded due to excessive rainfall. A dam located upstream from San Jose couldn’t hold the contents of Mother Nature’s Californian outpour, causing the river to rise more than 14.5 feet in some parts.

More than 14,000 San Jose residents from 4,000 households had to leave their homes hastily, as they didn’t receive ample warning from the City of San Jose, causing a big fuss. Rocketship Education, luckily for residents, compiled $65,000 in donations, using it to help those people get back to business.

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