Working towards a fair society that ensures human rights for all

Advocacy for civil rights, human rights, migrant rights, freedom of association as well as the right against discrimination are some of the most fundamental rights for any civilized democracy in the world and in order for this rights to continue being enjoyed by every individual there is need for continuous advocacy and thus it remains one of the most important components of a free society.

There are various groups, individuals, foundations and charity organizations that continue to perform this crucial work here is a look at some of this organization.

Border Angels

They are also referred to as ‘Angeles de Frontera’ this charitable organization was founded Enrique Morones in 1986 in San Diego initially serving as a humanitarian organization. Their efforts have mainly been concentrated on the border of the United States and Mexico. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey:

It has grown over the years and now works together with two thousand volunteers helping migrants and providing various services such as Advocacy for humane immigration reform policy and a need for its implementation under the various jurisdictions that include local, statewide and nationally.

They provide free legal assistance to migrants and at times represent them in court on various issues.

American Civil Liberties Union

This union was founded in order to ensure that it defends the rights and liberties of all citizens.

It has been existence for over 100 years and has continuously defended human freedoms and is one of the most successful human rights defenders in the country. Read more: Michael Lacey | Twitter and Jim Larkin | Crunchbase

Anti-Defamation League

A league that works together with the Jewish population and ensures that they are protected it has consistently done so since it was founded in the year 1913. They work towards stopping defamation against a specific group of people.

They have now expanded and now work all over the United working against defamation and bigotry while still offering a lot of support to the Jewish community.

NAACP Legal Defense Fund

This organization that prides itself on the ability to fight against racial profiling and discrimination. They fight to ensure racial justice. They believe that through advocacy, litigation and public education they can archive structural changes and be in a positive position to ensure racial justice, eliminate disparities and expand democracy.

The Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund

Founded in 2012 by two journalist Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin after they were awarded 3.5 million dollars as a settlement for a case they had filed against the county of Maricopa.

Located in Phoenix Arizona the fund workers together with civil groups and lawyers to ensure the protection of migrants against discrimination and racial profiling.

They work by giving legal assistance to all migrants especially the Hispanic community that has been continuously targeted in the area


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